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Home Page - TeamFocus Planning and Decision Support Services TeamFocus Planning and Decision Support Services
  • Results Through Effective Planning, Collaboration and Focused Implementation

    • Strategic Planning - Vision, Mission, Objectives
    • Strategic Issue Response and Management
    • Tactical Planning - Plan Critical Projects
    • Operational Plans - Implement and Execute
    • Business Process and Performance Management
    • Innovation Process Management
    • Team Building
  • Create and Implement Quality Plans

    • Services Focused on Meaningful Results
    • Engage the right people
    • Build Trust and Teamwork
    • Location: Onsite or offsite
    • Same-Time/Same-Place or Any-Time/Any-Place
    • Designed for Commitment, Engagement and Action
  • TeamFocus Meeting Planning and Facilitation

    Business Planning. Solution Design and Change Facilitation

    Make Your Meetings Matter

  • TeamFocus-Develop a Healthy Organization

    • Tap the Hidden Knowledge & Talent of Your People
    • Build Clarity and Trust
    • Minimize Politics
    • Engage Your People
    • Improve Decision Making Quality and Productivity
    • Design for Commitment
    • Create Plans Worth Implementing
  • The Experience...

    Meeting participants experience a fresh and highly productive meeting format that enables:

    • Full participation
    • Focus on issues that matter
    • Creation of plans worth implementing
  • Allan Gardner

    Strategic & Tactical Planning Consultant

    Director, Decision Support Services

    Services Consultant - Centre for Dialogue

    Issue Management Facilitator

    Business Modeling

    Value Proposition Design

    Process Assessment and Re-engineering

TeamFocus Executive, Management and Professional Decision Support Services…

Facilitating quality decision making to enable meaningful organization change and success

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The Challenge

Meetings are critical and central to quality decision making at all levels of an organization. Yet, ineffective meetings are among the most painful and often underestimated problems limiting organization success today.

Meetings are often ad hoc, lack clear goals and can be highly politicized. Controversial issues or ideas that challenge established norms or authority may never see the light of day.  Important opportunities may not receive adequate focus.

How often do results fall far short of expectations and needed outcomes?

If you are saying to yourself, “I’ve been there”, then you get it! But it doesn’t have to be that way…

The Opportunity

We believe there is a much better way. Quality decision making depends on a solid foundation of  values, beliefs  and trust. Clarity and inclusiveness are fundamental to engaging people and entire organizations in the development and implementation of plans that matter.

The barriers that often stand in the way of quality decision making can be significantly reduced and overcome through a blending of effective decision making process and expert facilitation… all supported with the expert application of advanced collaboration technologies.


Improve Decision Quality and Results in:

  • Strategic Planning, Strategic Issue Management
  • Organization Performance Management
  • Organization Change
  • Innovation Process Improvement
  • Business and IT Process Improvement
  • Team Building and Problem Solving
  • Assessments and Surveys

The return on excellent planning is only realized through effective implementation and execution. And this means people must be on board. Let us help you to improve the quality of planning, decision making and meaningful change in your organization.

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About TeamFocus

TeamFocus was founded in 2012 by Allan Gardner. His mission was, and continues to be, to take companies from unproductive meetings to a place of synergy, where they can create brilliant plans worth implementing.
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How We Do It

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